• The price of the mansion:

    • 1-4 person the mansion is 40.000 HUF/ night
    • 5-6 person the mansion is 45.000 HUF/ night
    • 7-8 person the mansion is 50.000 HUF/ night

    Kids price over 4 person:

    • 0-5 age: free
    • 5-11 age: 2.000 HUF/night/children
    • 11-18 age: 4.000 HUF/night/children
  • The most important information about the accomodation:

    • This is the only Building on the land wich accomodate guests, so you have extreme privacy.
    • The rooms of the mansion can be rented just together
    • Only self-service available
    • Check in time: after 14.00 o’clock. Check out: till 10.00 o’clock. Late check out is possible but it depends on our reservations.
    • The smoking is only allowed in the assigned areas.
    • Only announced guests can stay in the accomodation. Inviting guest is restricted.
    • There are some cameras in the area of the accomodation for safety reasons. We give our records just for the official’s order.
    • Parking is available in our closed forecourt.
    • We can’t accomodate pets.
  • The price includes the followings:

    • towels, linen, guest slipper, hair dryer
    • Well equipped kitchen: cutlery and plate sets, glasses, bowls, spices for cooking
    • Microwave, kettle, warming-plate, electric owen, fridge and freezer
    • Baby bath, cot, changing table, high chair, feeder
    • Barbacue grill, garden furniture and a 100 square meter sunny terrace
    • Outdoor playground
    • Flower garden
    • Free WI-Fi and tv service
    • Equipments for: badminton, pingpong, futball and volleyball
  • The price doesn’t include the followings:

    • Tourism Tax: 300 HUF/night/person (over 18 years)
    • Usage of the hot tube: 5000 HUF/stay

Rules of the mansion

Dear our Guests!

By reserving the accomodation you accept our rules of the mansion.

Check in/Check out: 

The check in time: 2 o’clock.
The check out time:  till 10 o’clock.

If you know your arriving time please inform us before.

In case that we can’t welcome personally we have a lockbox to collect the keys, but we will inform you before your arrival.


The smoking is forbidden in the house and in the hot tube. In the land of the mansion there are three assigned smoking area: terrace, veranda and at the hot tube.

Locking the mansion and the garden:

After leaving the mansion and for the night please lock the main gate and the front door. Before leaving us make sure that you closed all the windows and taps and turned all the lights off.

Place the keys in the lockbox or please give it the owner.


During your stay please pay attention of the cleanliness. When you leave the mansion please do not leave unwashed kitchen stuff. We must change the towels and linen if you stay more than 7 days.

Collecting trash:

We ask our guest do not litter in the area of the mansion. We collect the trash separately, you will see the marks on the bins: glass, paper, metal, plastic. The domestic waste should be placed in the kitchen bin.


The kitchen is fully equipped like a household. We provide high chair, feeder, plastic glasses and plates with cutlery for the littles. Only self-service available. Electric oven, microwave, kettle, coffe maker, dishwasher are available.

We ask our guest do not eat in the bedrooms.

Using the furnitures:

Do not move the furnitures of the mansion. The towels, the blankets and the linen can not be taken outside of the mansion. In case of any damage the guests are responsible to pay the repair. We ask our guest to inform us if any of the equipment is out of order so we can fix it.

Using the hot tube:

At the hot tube you find the rules for the usage. Please do not litter at the hot tube area. If you want to use the hot tube please inform us before because it take some hours to reach the required temperature. The fee of the hot tube: 5000 HUF/stay.

Heating/using the tile stove:

Every tile stove has an instruction. In case of any damages in the tile stove, you must pay compensation. In the mansion there is a central heating system, which is on 22 degrees at the winter time.


We have an assigned area for setting fire. We provide pot, stand and firewood. Alwyas make sure that you have extinguished the fire properly and please collect the trash near the fireplace. We a grill that you can use on the terrace.

Lost items:

We keep the lost items for 14 days. We can send it back by post. We need to contact previously by email. Only in this case we can guarantee that the lost items will return to the proper owner. The fee of the postage must be settled before the return by the guest.


We can not take responsability for the personal stuff left in the mansion.

In the mansion only announced guests can stay. It is not allowed to invite strangers.

We ask our guest to respect the neighbours and do not disturb them with loud and unacceptable behavior.

If there is any problem during your stay please inform us immediately.

There are two first aid boxes in the mansion. In case of serious accident or injury call the ambulance asap and inform us.

In case of any damages in the area of the manion the guest must take responsability.

We can not take responsability or pay compensation in case of damages which happens independly from our fault. (fire, hail,blackout, cataclysm.)

We have right to refuse our guest who are violent and reject the rules of the mansion.

We have cameras in several areas of the mansion, which is only for safety reason. At the entrance there are signs of it.

  • Szécsény, Kassai út 62.
  • +36 30 311 1731
  • hengermalom.kuria@gmail.com